THE DUSTY BOGAN - Ep70: A Christian College proves there's no 'freedom of religion' in Australia?

Brisbane's Citipointe Christian College has withdrawn an enrolment contract which asked parents to confirm their children would identify only as their birth gender.

The Citipointe saga is about an unrelenting attack on Christian teachings on sexuality and identity that are in the crossfire of a powerful anti-Christian activist lobby. If religious freedom is to be properly protected in Australia, religious communities need to be able to come together and publicly form schools like Citipointe to educate their children. If they can't, then religious freedom will only be a second-tier right in Australia, at best.

Dusty's interviews:

- Local Dad who's son has just graduated from Citipointe College.

- Dave Pellowe is a conservative activist and writer. He's the founder of the Australian Church And State Summit and is the operations Manager of C-Pac Australia.

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Feb 08th, 2022

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