THE DUSTY BOGAN - Ep48: Aussie prison colony 2.0

Australian politicians truly are
blood-drinking, shape-shifting reptilian humanoids. Dusty and Hill Billys talk about life in the new world order 😜🇭🇲🪃🐨

- New VB ad encourages Aussies to work up a 'hard-earned thirst' by getting the coronavirus vaccine

- Health authorities confiscate alcohol deliveries to Sydney tower in strict coronavirus lockdown

- The Habsburg Jaw And The Cost Of Royal Inbreeding

- Australia's "extraordinary" new hacking powers for law enforcement authorities represent the next step in the "explosion of the surveillance state"
The Identify and Disrupt bill gives the AFP and ACIC access to three new warrants, allowing the authorities to disrupt the data of suspected offenders, access their devices and networks to identify them and covertly take over their accounts.

- Molly the magpie and Peggy the dog are a 'real-life Winnie the Pooh and Piglet story.
Ms Wells said when Molly first swooped into their lives, Peggy was a little unsure about the feathered visitor to their home but later began producing milk for the baby bird, which kept it alive!

- Dusty's reads through last week's comments.

Sep 14th, 2021

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