ALL EYES are on New York City and sinister DA Alvin Bragg. Posing as a do-gooder - merely seeking to correct racial disparities, right historical wrongs or some shit, PLUS he claims that consequences accountability for crimes committed actually leads to more crime. He takes a real rosy view on human nature.
Well, fuck him, he's taken the unprecedented step of blah blah Trump for blah blah, you KNOW the thing! I've got a totally non-edited video of this son of a bitch during his stupid fckng campaign, talking to this other shitheads on the radio.
At least twice now, Bragg has brought charges against innocent people successfully defending themselves against criminals, only to drop them due to word getting out what a dickhead he is. That shows the difference between what he's doing when no one is watching, and what he's doing when he grudgingly has to observe some minimal fairness in justice.
And I suspect these guys who chased some troublemakers out of their deli with a bat and a "METAL STICK" (?) were actually in the right, although they're both facing felony charges.

Doug Nelson and I agree, there's some information being withheld from that story, and I say that's the great thing about crime coverage in the New York Daily News: It's like a fun puzzle, as it tells the story it wants to tell, and sometimes it's a challenging challenge to fill in the blanks. bat-attack-20230404-tyfrmcecwre7jlts4et5rw4bam-story.html
The thing is, NY Daily News seems to carry more of the fck'd up crime stories than the NY Post nowadays, so making the best of it.
City Journal contains a great plan of action for dealing with Alvin Bragg's bullshit.
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Apr 05th, 2023

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